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Important information regarding training:
Your coach is a volunteer who is giving his/her time to assist your child in playing the game of football.  Please support them throughout the season ensuring your child attends each training session (arrive 15 minute prior to start) punctually, both for training and on match day).

I am unable to make training, what do I do?
Please be considerate and contact your coach or manager prior to the day.

Can I attend another teams training session?
Players can only attend another teams training session if consent is given by both coaches.  Players are not to train with other teams if training clashes with their own teams training, nor should be done in lieu of your own training.

How do I know when my team is playing?
At the commencement of the season  the draw for each team will be available on Football Gold Coast’s website  You may also access the link through our own club website.  The draw often changes so it is a good idea to check this website each week before your scheduled game.

What time should I arrive to my game?
Each coach will have their own requirements, please respect their requests.  If this has not been stated by your coach please arrive at least ½ hour before commencement, properly attired in shorts, shin pads, socks, boots and water bottle.

How do I know if my game has been cancelled due to wet weather?
Follow the links on the Kingscliff District Football Club website for wet weather for all council ground closures.  Football Gold Coast’s website also has links on their website.

What do I do if I have a complaint regarding the club or an incident pertaining to the club?
All complaints should be addressed to the club secretary in writing by either post or email (see contact page for details).  Your complaint will be then taken to the next scheduled committee meeting and you will receive a response in writing.

I would like to help, but not sure how to?
Please contact our club secretary and let them know when you are available to help as there are always many jobs to do.

If I register my child who is the club member?
Included in your registration fee is the club membership fee of $3.00.  If the player is over 18 the player is the club member, if the player is under 18 a parent/guardian assumes the role of club member.

Coaches and Managers FAQ

What is a Coach or Manager at KDFC?
Coaches and Managers are each team’s first point of contact for all queries that parents may have throughout the season.  Should the Coaches and Managers be unable to answer or address the issue at hand, then the issue should be forwarded to the appropriate committee member.

What are the Managers Responsibilities?
It is the Coaches and Managers responsibility to ensure that all members of the team enjoy the game of soccer.  To encourage good sportsmanship, fair play, fun whilst developing soccer skills.

Do we get a team training kit?
At the beginning of each season all team Coaches and Managers will be allocated their teams training kit which will include:-

  • Playing Strips
  • Goalie Shirt (if needed)
  • Training Balls
  • Bibs/Training Cones
  • First Aid Kit

All this kit is provided on “loan” and is the responsibility of the Coach/Manager of each team.

Can we hand-out the Playing Shirt to the players?
NO!  Club Playing Strips is not to be issued to indivual players for the season.  Kit must remain together in the KDFC Bag provided It is recommended that Coaches/Managers create a roster for washing the strip to ensure it always stays together.

Is it the Coaches/Managers responsibility for players to be properly equipped to play?
Managers/Coaches are to make sure that their players are properly equipped and dressed for training and all games.  The wearing of shin pads and soccer boots is COMPULSORY for all matches and training.  Any player not wearing these is not allowed to participate.

Do we both need a Blue Card (working with children card)?
All Coaches/Manager at KDFC are required to hold a current/valid Blue Card.  This card is a legal requirement for all people working with children and young people.

What is a Blue Card?
The purpose of the blue card system is to contribute to the creation of safe and supportive environment for children and young people when receiving services and participating in actives which are essential to their development and wellbeing, such as child care, education, sport, and cultural activities.

A person’s eligibility to hold a blue card or exemption card based on their known past police and disciplinary information. This process also disqualifies certain people upfront and prevents people from working with children whose past behaviour indicates they are not eligible to enter regulated child-related employment

What is an Exemption Card?
If you are a registered teacher or police officer, you do not apply for a blue card and should instead apply for an exemption card when providing regulated services to children which are outside of your professional duties.

How do I get a Blue Card?
Follow the link below to the WWC website/application form and complete:-

Applicants can now complete most parts of the form directly on their computer, but will need to then print the form and sign the application and with two forms of ID (please also provide a photocopy of these original forms of ID)  return to KDFC.  Please note forms cannot be submitted online and WWC will not accept an electronic or digital signature.

Every person signing a declaration form is required to declare they are not a disqualified person and employers must provide a verbal warning to applicants that it is an offence for a disqualified person to sign a blue card application form.

How long are the games for my age group?

Age Group Duration of Game Length of Break
U6/U7 2×15 minutes 7 minutes
U8/U9 2×20 minutes 5 minutes
U10/U11 2×25 minutes 5 minutes
U12/U13 2×30 minutes 5 minutes
U14 2×25 minutes 5 minutes
U15/U16 2×40 minutes 5 minutes
U17- Seniors 2×45 minutes 5 minutes


How many players take the field my age group?

Age Group No. of Players
U6/U7 4 x 4 no goalkeeper
U8/U9 7 x7 inc. goalkeeper
U10/U11 9 x 9 inc. goalkeeper
U12/U13 11 x 11 inc. goalkeeper
U14 11 x 11 inc. goalkeeper
U15/U16 11 x 11 inc. goalkeeper
U17- Seniors 11 x 11 inc. goalkeeper


What size ball do we use for our age group

Age Group Ball Size
U6/U7 3
U8/U9 3
U10/U11 4
U12/U13 4
U14 5
U15/U16 5
U17- Seniors 5

Where can I find the match draw?
The draw for each team is available on our website under Fixtures and Results or on the Football GC Website.

Please note:  That changes during the season do occur it is advisable for Coaches/Manages to check the draw weekly for any change of game times, fields or dates.   A SMS from the the Coaches/Managers the night before a game is a good routine to get into.

What is the wet weather procedure?
KDFC website and the Football GC website provide up to date information on ground closures for fixtures.   Go to Wet Weather Links at the bottom of our website and click on Tweed Shire Council for our local fields or GC City Council for other fields.

Decisions for morning games will be made at 7am on the day of the game.  If fields are closed our Junior Coordinator will text all team Managers who will then text their team players.

The Senior or Junior Coordinator will advise all Coaches/Managers if training nights are to cancelled.  We ask that all team players only contact their Coaches/Managers regarding cancellation of training nights.

Am responsible for entering our match results?
All competitive team Coaches/Managers are required to enter the team details and match results into Sporting Pulse by Sunday.

How to I gain access to Sporting Pulse?
All Managers/Coaches are required to gain an FFA No. from MyFootballClub

  1. Go to: and click on the “register” button.  Coaches select “Coaches” and Managers select “volunteer”.
  2. When you have your FFA No. you can go to:- and click the “register” button to create your SP Passport.
  3. Complete the SP Passport request form by completing all the required fields.
  4. Click the “create my Passport” button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to your nominated email address. You must click the link in the confirmation email within 30mins to activate your SP Passport.
  6. Send an email to Senior Coordinator ( providing the email address you used to register and you age group/team will be allocated to your Passport.

Who do I contact for help with Sporting Pulse?
All queries with regard using Sporting Pulse should be directed to KDFC Senior Coordinator (

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